Product Profile

Datre Corporation Limited, has one of the most modern state-of-the-art Integrated Special Steel and Alloy Steel Casting manufacturing plant at Falta in Eastern India, specialised in AG / SAG mill liner casting, Couplers for High speed Rail, Various products of HEMM Equipment’s.

Mineral Beneficiation

  • Abrasion Resistance WI casting for AG Mill & Primary Ball Mill
  • Cr-Mo Liner plates for SAG mills
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Dry Grinding Mill

  • Various types of Liner Plates for horizontal mill in cement plant
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Railways Coupler

  • Main Body & Knuckle of AAR H Coupler, Intermediate Tube & Fork Eye of Schaku Coupler
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Hammer For crusher

  • Low Mn Hammer
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HEMM Equipment

  • Idler
  • Link
  • Equaliser Bar
  • Tooth Point
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Steel Plant

  • Pig Mould & Chain Link for pig casting machine in steel plant
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High Temperature Application

  • Peg main Chain for annealing furnace
  • Roller Beam / Skid for annealing furnace
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Also various stainless steel parts of pumps for high pressure use.